I am a registered dietitian with a culinary background.  I am dedicated to living and teaching about healthy lifestyle choices.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Renate!

    It’s Maximum1981max, I messaged you the other day asking if Pete and the guys played Breach Birth.

    Pretty much, it was a song that got me through a tough time in my life, 10 years ago… I’m 32 now and wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the passion in music, including Chevelle, Tool, Linkin Park, etc. There would be nights where I would listen to Chevelle to get me through my darkest moments.

    I had a special friend that went to your concert last night in San Diego. I really wanted that song to be played for her, and if it was, the best was we would go out for a beer.

    All good, no worries… Everything happens for a reason.

    Was wondering if Chevelle can help with a favor though? She owns a Yoga studio near Malibu, CA and I wanted to see if they could tweet about it?

    Her tweet address is: bikramglow

    This would make her super happy, which would make me super happy… I’ve been a faithful fan to Chevelle since day one, and would be honored if they could help me with this.

    Your new friend,

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