Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that your New Year is starting off great! I was thinking of new year resolutions today and was thinking that I would set a challenge for everyone, including myself! I want to propose that everyone change one unhealthy or add one healthy habit a month for the next year. It takes more time to unlearn a habit then to start one so I feel that a whole month will help to keep us on track for the unhealthy habits. I think that we can do this!

To be responsible for these habits you can write them in the comments or just put them up on your fridge. You don’t have to choose all the habits now but on the first of every month change one thing to better yourself. It doesn’t even have to be nutrition related, maybe you just want to stop swearing! That’s fine, let’s just start making better choices and feeling better about ourselves! Just think, that by the end of this year you will have changed 12 things for the better!

I’ll start…for January I’m going to stop eating white potatoes. Potatoes are a healthy food but I have a very unhealthy attachment to them! I love potatoes but more importantly I love fried potatoes! French fries and potato chips are my weakness and I know that I can’t just eat a couple of bites, so I am just going to cut them out all together.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. I thought of one! I am a FREAK for fried eggs these days. But I have consistently borderline-high cholesterol (despite my mostly healthy diet and regular exercise). I try to limit my egg eating anyway… but I should just make it some official proclamation. No more than 2 eggs (fried, scrambled, boiled, poached, whatever) a week. That doesn’t include those mixed into a recipe. ^_^

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